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Eurozone finance chiefs express concern that economic crisis may deepen extremism


Sep 17, 2023

Eurozone finance ministers are growing increasingly worried about the rise of political radicalization in the region. As voters search for alternatives in the face of an uncertain economic future and persistent inflation, there is growing concern among officials that extremist parties could gain power. Bruno Le Maire, the French Minister of Finance, has warned of this risk, and similar sentiments were expressed by other participants at a recent two-day meeting of finance chiefs in Spain.

Among the concerns raised at the meeting was the worsening economic outlook for Germany, the largest economy in the eurozone. Factors such as weak performance in China, a shortage of skilled workers, and weak domestic demand due to inflation have contributed to this decline. As a result, support for the far-right Alternative for Germany party has been increasing. The meeting took place shortly after the European Central Bank’s decision to raise interest rates for the tenth consecutive time, further fueling concerns.

The European Commission has also downgraded its growth forecast for the eurozone in 2023, and the German government is preparing to lower its economic outlook for this year to reflect contraction rather than modest growth. Irene Tinaguri of the Economic and Monetary Commission warned that if the regional economy continues to worsen, there could be political consequences and an intensification of political debate. The upcoming EU election in June is expected to further increase the possibility of polarization in the political landscape.

The impact of the ECB’s interest rate decisions on savers was also discussed at the meeting. Dutch Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag highlighted the public’s growing questioning of the significant profits banks are making from rising interest rates, which are not fully reflected in the savings rates offered to consumers. EU institutions and member states are concerned about businesses and households, who have already faced numerous crises, such as the coronavirus pandemic and energy shortages caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There are also concerns about the declining competitiveness of the European economy compared to the United States and China.

Despite these challenges, some argue that Europe’s labor market is likely to remain resilient, despite the eurozone’s relatively high unemployment rate and low economic growth. It is crucial for politicians to maintain voter support in the coming years, especially with the upcoming EU election.

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