Every day, the sports media reigns over rugged and unruly conduct

In this article, sportswriter Phil Mushnick addresses a variety of boorish behavior and bad actions in the world of sports media. He starts off by discussing basketball player Ja Morant’s recent second arrest for carrying a gun, and praises Morant for taking responsibility for his actions. Mushnick also criticizes the violent language used in rapper NBA Young Boy’s music, suggesting that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will take action to address it at the next Super Bowl halftime show.

Mushnick goes on to discuss other examples of bad behavior in sports, including the MLB’s decision to air playoff games exclusively on NBC’s Peacock streaming service, and the vulgar language used by some commentators and players. He questions the lack of accountability and morals in the industry, and suggests that it’s time for athletes and commentators to start acting more professionally.

Mushnick also addresses the issue of AI in sports, and suggests that it has been slowly creeping into the industry for years. He discusses some recent examples of AI being used to analyze sports footage, and suggests that it may be time for humans to take a step back and re-evaluate their role in the industry.

Overall, Mushnick’s article is a call for more professionalism and accountability in the world of sports media, and a warning against letting bad behavior and technology take over.

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