Explore Further Into the Process of College Sports Recruitment

The college student-athlete recruitment process starts in high school for many students around the world. Universities, including Dartmouth, generally recruit applicants during middle and high school. Dartmouth is unique because of its location and Ivy League status, which contribute to its recruitment process for student-athletes for the school’s Division 1 varsity team.

Two Dartmouth head coaches, two current student-athletes, and two 2027 graduates shared their perspectives on the hiring process. Academics are a top priority at Dartmouth, especially since the school is an Ivy League institution. Field hockey head coach Mark Egner states that academics are crucial, and student-athletes need to have excellent grades and academic performance. Coaches at Dartmouth have a set of standards that they use during the hiring process, consisting of academic, technical, tactical, physical, and character elements.

For prospective student-athletes, the recruitment process can be demanding and stressful, especially with busy schedules and a lot of travel involved. The fall of their senior year can be particularly busy with multiple official visits at different colleges. However, the support of coaches during the application process can help alleviate some of the stress.

The end of the recruitment process marks the start of a college sports career, which can have advantages and disadvantages. Being a student-athlete at Dartmouth can impact the social life and personal time of student-athletes, since their commitments to their respective teams can be time-consuming. Despite the challenges, the benefits of being a student-athlete at Dartmouth definitely outweigh the drawbacks. Student-athletes take pride in representing the school and contributing to team culture.

Overall, the recruitment process can be a stressful and challenging experience for both coaches and student-athletes. For coaches, losing a potential player to another school can be frustrating. However, the process also allows coaches to build lasting relationships with young people and their families. For student-athletes, being a part of a varsity team at Dartmouth is an experience many cherish for a lifetime.

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