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Exploring AI in Research at the Science Cafe


Apr 3, 2024

The Science Cafe is a monthly educational series hosted by the Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative, bringing together scientists, investigators, trainees, and community members to engage in meaningful discussions. The goal is to create new collaborations through shared interests in exciting areas of research. Each month features a new research focus, content expert, fresh perspectives, and the opportunity to explore new territories in the science world.

At each Science Cafe session, a content expert will lead a discussion on their work and potential areas of collaboration. The sessions are designed to be relatively unstructured to encourage conversation and collaborative thinking among participants. The aim is to uncover common interests and connections on the chosen topic.

The next Science Cafe session will take place on Thursday, April 11, from noon to 1 p.m. via Zoom. David Kaelber, a professor of medicine and chief medical information officer at the MetroHealth System, will be discussing the use of artificial intelligence in research. For more information and to register for the session, visit the event website.

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