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Exploring the Potential of Exercise in Cancer Prevention: Researcher Explores Multiple Mechanisms


Feb 13, 2024

Exercise has been shown to be effective in preventing certain types of cancer. However, researchers at the University of Turku are now exploring whether exercise could also play a role in curing cancer. Tiia Koivula and her team have been studying how exercise can influence the number of immune cells in cancer patients.

Their research aims to understand the exact mechanisms behind the preventive effects of exercise on cancer. While the specific ways in which exercise affects cancer are not yet fully understood, it is believed that there are likely multiple mechanisms at play. This could have significant implications for the development of new cancer treatments and therapies.

By studying the relationship between exercise and immune cells in cancer patients, the researchers hope to uncover new insights into the potential of exercise as a complementary treatment for cancer. This could open up promising avenues for improving the outcomes of cancer patients and enhancing their overall quality of life. As ongoing research continues to shed light on the connections between exercise and cancer, the potential benefits of incorporating physical activity into cancer treatment plans become increasingly apparent.

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