Female Resigns from LinkedIn Position to Explore the Globe

Akanksha Monga, a former employee at LinkedIn, decided to follow her passion and pursue traveling full-time, leading her to quit her job in 2022. In a recent Twitter post, she shared her story alongside her incredible journey over the past year, which led her to become a content creator. Although she suffered from burnout at times, Monga’s travel experiences led her to build a team of six, launch TravelAMore!, film over 300 videos and posts, and work with around 30 brands.

Monga’s Twitter post received over 1.7 million views and 1,000 likes, with many expressing their congratulations and admiration for her decision to chase her passion. Some, however, criticized her success, claiming it was out of reach for many hard-working individuals without the same safety net as Monga.

Regardless of personal opinions, Monga’s story is an inspiring example of pursuing one’s passion and turning it into a successful career. Whether it means making a career out of a similar profession or going all-in on a passion, following one’s truth can lead to an incredible journey filled with growth and fulfilling experiences.

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