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Finland elects Alexander Stubb as President


Feb 12, 2024

Former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb won the second round of the presidential election with 51.6% of the votes after all ballots were counted, the Yle portal reports. The second contender for the presidency, former head of the Finnish Foreign Ministry Pekka Haavisto, received 48.4% of the vote.

Stubb and Haavisto, after the first round of elections held on January 28, advanced to the second with results of 28.3% and 25.8%, respectively. A total of 9 candidates took part in the presidential campaign, Interfax recalls.

Alexander Stubb held a number of ministerial positions in the Finnish governments. After his appointment as head of the Foreign Ministry in 2008, he showed himself to be an active supporter of the country’s accession to NATO. In 2014-2015 he headed the cabinet of ministers. In 2017, he announced that he was leaving politics forever. But in 2023, Stubb, unexpectedly for many, announced his claims to the post of head of state. Finland is electing a new president for the first time since joining NATO in April 2023.

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