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Finland faces accusations from Russia of human rights violations


Nov 20, 2023

Russia has filed a protest with Finland over the closure of border crossing points, according to the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The border situation was discussed with the Finnish ambassador, Antti Helanterän. It is not clear from the release whether it was an interview and which party initiated the meeting. Diplomatically, a protest is considered to be a harsh rejection of a decision or action. Finland’s head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marja Liivalan, stated that the meeting was initiated by Finland and the topic was the situation at the border. According to Liivala, it wasn’t about a conversation or a note.
Russia believes that Finland’s decision is “unequivocally provocative” and follows a line whose purpose is “to exacerbate relations even more”. According to Russia, Finland’s arguments about the arrival of migrants and claims about Russia’s actions are an “excuse”. Russia accuses Finland of violating human rights, stating that “the closure of border crossings violates the rights and interests of tens of thousands of citizens of our countries”.
Ambassador Helanterä interviewed the head of department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergei Belyaevin. During this, Helanterä brought out Finland’s point of view on the matter. According to Liivala, Finland hopes that Russia will return to its previous ways of operating and the problem at the border will disappear. If not, Finland will consider further measures.

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