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First cohort of ReGen Climate Technology Accelerator officially launched


Mar 26, 2024

ClimateHaven, a nonprofit based in New Haven, and Kaplak Ventures, an investment firm with offices in New York City and Copenhagen, recently announced the launch of the first cohort of climate startups from the ReGen Accelerator on March 26. The startups in this cohort include renewable energy companies, carbon capture and sequestration projects, and startups focused on improving agricultural sustainability.

Jesper Lok, Chairman of Kaplak Ventures, expressed their commitment to empowering startups through the ReGen Accelerator program to scale their impact and drive meaningful change in the fight against the climate crisis. The first five companies in this cohort bring a diverse range of innovative solutions to the table.

Global Biochar aims to implement scalable and profitable climate mitigation solutions while addressing food insecurity by utilizing charcoal for carbon sequestration and fertilization. Tolam Earth provides systems to make carbon offsets more accessible for companies and transparent in their impact using the Hedera blockchain network.

TeamStack.ai develops organizational tools leveraging AI to improve efficiency and help organizations align with ecological, social, and corporate governance goals. Aich2 plans to disrupt industries with industrial-scale hydrogen production using renewable energy only by 2025. Tesleon is launching an animated series to inspire children to pursue climate activism.

Each company in the accelerator will undergo two months of training, gain access to industry experts, build relationships with investors, and receive overall support for growth before participating in a Demo Day on May 28 ahead of the Yale Innovation Summit. Ryan Dings, CEO of ClimateHaven, commended the companies for their ambition, creativity, and determination. They look forward to collaborating with these startups in creating a sustainable future for generations to come.

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