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First documented instance of non-penetrative mating in a mammal


Nov 21, 2023

rewrite this content and create paragraphs Madrid. For the first time, sex without penetration has been documented in a mammal, specifically in the serotine bat. (eptesicus serotine), revealed a study published in Current Biology.The penises of bats are about seven times longer than the vaginas of their partners and have a head heart shaped seven times wider than the vaginal opening. Both the size and shape would make penetration impossible, and the researchers showed that, instead of functioning as a penetration organ, they use it oversized as an extra arm to move the female’s tail sheath away and maintain contact mating. behavior that resembles cloacal kiss of the birds.“By chance, we had observed that these bats have disproportionately long penises, and we always wondered, ‘how does that work?’ We think that perhaps it is like in the dog, in which the penis becomes engorged so that it becomes stuck, or perhaps they simply could not insert it, but that type of copulation had not been described in mammals until now,” said Nicolas Fasel, from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and lead author of the study.Very little is known about how bats mate. In this study, researchers observed the genitals during copulation using images from cameras placed behind a grate that they could climb onto.Fasel collaborated with a bat rehabilitation center in Ukraine that opportunistically filmed pairs and with a bat enthusiast and citizen scientist, Jan Jeucker, who filmed hours of footage of the serotine species in the attic of a church in the Netherlands. . In total, the team analyzed 97 pairings: 93 from the Dutch church and four from the Ukrainian center.The videos revealed that they do not practice penetrative sex. The researchers did not observe her at any time during the recorded matings and saw that the erectile tissues of the penis enlarged before coming into contact with the vulva.During mating, the males grabbed their mates by the nape of the neck and moved their pelvis tentatively until they came into contact with the female’s vulva, at which point they stayed still and hugged them. On average, these interactions lasted less than 53 minutes, but the longest lasted 12.7 hours.After copulation, they observed that the female’s abdomen appeared moist, suggesting the presence of semen, but more studies are needed to confirm that sperm was transferred during these supposed unions.They also characterized the morphology of the genitalia of serotine bats by measuring the erect penises of live specimens captured as part of other studies (serotines and vespers are conveniently known for having erections under anesthesia) and performing necropsies on those that died in rehabilitation centers. .Their measurements showed that, when erect, the penises of serotine bats are about seven times longer and seven times wider than the vaginas of females of the same species, and about one-fifth the length of the body-head. from them. They also have unusually long cervixes, which could help females select and store sperm.The researchers plan to study the mating behavior of these animals in more natural contexts, and also study penis morphology and bonding behavior in other bat species. We are trying to develop a porn box for bats, which will be like an aquarium with cameras everywhereFasel explained.أفضل أنواع حشو الأسنان – المركز الطبي لرعاية الأسنان
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