First-ever exclusive streaming of NFL playoff games on a streaming service

The USATSI NFL has been working to introduce streaming options for its viewers for a few seasons now. In their latest move, the league has announced its biggest streaming partnership yet. NBCUniversal and the NFL have teamed up to offer the very first exclusive live-streamed playoff game this season. The NFL Wild Card Playoffs on Saturday, January 13, 2024, will only be available to watch on Peacock.

Excitement around the announcement grows, with NBC Sports Chairman Pete Bevacqua stating how thrilled the company is to offer the playoffs to their audience. He reveals that throughout broadcast history, two NFL wild card games have been played on Saturday, and now, one wild card game will be played on Sunday primetime. The remaining playoff games will be available through cable providers.

Hans Schroeder, NFL Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of NFL Media, also expressed his delight regarding the partnership. He mentions that expanding the digital distribution of the NFL content while maintaining broad reach for the games is a priority for the league. By exclusively streaming the NFL playoff games on Peacock’s platform, it’s the next step in that strategy for the league.

Peacock has become the go-to destination for exclusive NFL games, with the Buffalo Bills vs. Los Angeles Chargers game on Saturday, December 23 at 8:00 pm ET also exclusively streaming on the platform. For those living in the city of the participating wild card team, the game can also be viewed on the NBC station and NFL+.

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