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First pill for postpartum depression approved by FDA


Nov 20, 2023

In a significant development, the FDA has given the green light to the first pill designed specifically for the treatment of postpartum depression. This type of depression impacts about one in every seven new mothers in the months following childbirth, making it challenging for them to connect with their babies.

The newly approved drug, zuranolone (Zurzuvae), was granted approval on Aug. 4, 2023, and is taken for a mere two weeks. Until now, the only other drug approved for this condition was brexanolone (Zulresso), which necessitates a hospital-based intravenous infusion. Similar to other forms of depression, postpartum depression displays symptoms such as profound sadness, fatigue, loss of interest in daily activities, and cognitive issues. In severe instances, women might experience thoughts of harming themselves or their child.

It is important to note the significance of this development in the treatment of postpartum depression, particularly as it has the potential to significantly improve the lives of new mothers. This approval offers new hope for those who are battling this condition, providing a much-needed option for those who are in need of effective treatment.

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