First round pick Nolan Smith signs rookie deal with Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles have signed first-round draft pick Nolan Smith to a standard four-year deal, with an option for a fifth year. Smith, who was drafted 30th overall by Georgia State, is just one of six draft picks to sign with the Eagles this spring. The remaining unsigned player is Kelly Ringo, a fourth-rounder also from Georgia. With OTAs beginning next week, the Eagles will have Jalen Carter, Tyler Steen, Sidney Brown, Tanner McKee, and Moro Ojomo under contract. Carter, who was the first first-round pick of 2023, signed early this offseason.

As a first-round pick, Smith’s projected base salary and cap numbers are as follows: $750,000 / $2,180,438 in 2023; $1,295,110 / $2,725,548 in 2024; $1,840,220 / $3,270,658 in 2025; and $2,385,330 in 2026. The Eagles will need about $5.8 million for rookie-class cap space this season, out of their estimated $11 million for rookie candidates.

Smith was a two-year starter at the University of Georgia and was a two-time national champion. At 6-2 and 238 pounds, he is a diminutive athlete but a prodigious pass rusher who may just be scratching the surface of his potential. The Eagles were able to get the most out of a diminutive rusher named Herson Reddick during the 2022 season, which could bode well for Smith’s future with the team.

The NFL’s established slotted rookie scale has made it much easier to get rookie contracts done in the last decade. Gone are the days of holding out for training camp. With Smith now under contract, the Eagles can focus on getting Ringo signed and getting their rookies ready for the upcoming season.

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