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First spy satellite launched into orbit by North Korea


Nov 22, 2023

Japan made a second attempt this year to dissuade North Korea from starting. According to the state news agency KCNA, the launch vehicle took off from the Sohae site at 10:42 p.m. The North Korean space agency stated that the satellite entered Earth orbit twelve minutes later and more spy satellites would soon be launched to ensure surveillance of South Korea and other regions.

Authorities in South Korea and Japan didn’t initially confirm that a satellite had entered Earth’s orbit. The USA condemned the launch as a violation of UN resolutions and demanded that North Korea stop its provocative actions immediately. North Korea had notified Japan of its plans to launch a satellite between Wednesday and December 1st.

In addition, North Korea recently failed twice this year to put a military reconnaissance satellite into orbit. This led to experts speculating that the technology of space rockets and long-range military rockets differs little. The USA and its allies South Korea and Japan condemned the failed North Korean missile launches in May and August, accusing North Korea of using technology directly related to its ballistic missile program.

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