Following her success at the UCI Cross-Country Olympic World Cup, Pauline Ferrand Prévot will compete live at the UCI Mountain Bike World Series in 2023.

After crossing the feed zone, Richards completed another lap ten seconds behind Pieterse, with Ferran Prevost just 15 seconds behind.

UCI Mountain Bike World Series Highlights: Pedersen wins his UCI Cross Country Olympic World Cup in style in U23.

At 10:59, Richards climbed down the stairs smoothly and led by 16 seconds. Pieters was in second place, and Ferran Prevot was third.

Richards maintained her lead, but then came down again, so she was still 15 seconds ahead of Pieters. Widening the gap, she now had 17 seconds behind her.

The chasing group consisted of six riders, with Richards followed by Peters, Batten, Frye, Bertha, Ferran Prevost, and Henderson.

Richards got her first lap at 10:50. She went solo into her second lap with a lead of about 14 seconds. At 10:47, Richards attacked downhill, where she was fast on descents and stairs. This made a difference and helped her take the lead.

At 10:45, Richards took the lead on the climb, three seconds ahead of Batten. Ferran Prevost tried hard to join the front group.

The lead group successfully navigated a steep, rocky descent at 10:42. The front group consisted of Batten, Frey, Richards, Henderson, and Martina Berta of Santa Cruz – RockShox Pro Team.

Batten completed the starting lap at 10:38 and won the first of her six laps. Geetha Michaels dropped out in the rear of the group. Ferran Prevost was 11th, 22 seconds behind Batten, with Friday’s winner Stigger also 12th. Keller finished 13th with the same time as 11th and 12th.

At 10:36, Batten got off to a great start and cleared, with Richards a few seconds behind Frye and Rebecca Henderson of Primaflor Mondraker Gennes Racing Team.

Batten led on her first descent at 10:35, and the group started to thin. Richards and Batten were pushing hard on the climb as the second lap began at 10:33.

Richards led strongly on the first climb at 10:32, while Peters led the group with an early start at 10:30.

The start loop began at 10:30, followed by six more laps. The front row consisted of the top eight finishers in Friday night’s short course, including Laura Stigger (Specialized Factory Racing), Alessandra Keller (Thomas Maxson), Sheena Frye (Specialized Factory Racing), Pauline Ferrand Prevost (Ineos Grenadiers), Evie Richards (Trek Factory Racing XC), Haley Batten (Specialized Factory Racing), Pac Peters (Alpecin – Decuninck), and Anne Tauber (Orbea factory team).

Today’s race is a mass start that includes a start loop, and the starting positions are based on the results of the short track race a few days earlier. The race consists of 3.5km to 4.5km laps, and the winner gets 250 points.

Welcome to the final day of the opening weekend at Nové Město na Moravě! The women’s Olympic race starts this morning.

As usual, the short track races were held earlier in the weekend on smaller courses and shorter distances to determine the starting grid for the Olympic distance races. Laura Stigger (Specialized Factory Racing) won.

The 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Series women’s XCC race was a thrilling finish. Stigger sprinted for the line and a captivating finish unfolded with Alessandra Keller (Thomas Maxson) and Sina Fly (Specialized Factory Racing) taking the podium just behind the winning Stigger. Pauline Ferrand Prevost (Ineos Grenadiers) and Great Britain’s Evie Richards (Trek Factory Racing XC), who were among the contenders for pre-race glory, were also just +0.01 behind Stigger in the group finish.

The 2023 Mountain Bike World Series – UCI World Cup Cross Country Olympics, UCI Mountain Bike World Series Cross Country Short Track, and Downhill events are available live and on-demand on discovery+, GCN+, and the Eurosport app. UCI World Cup Cross-Country Marathons, Enduros, and E-Enduros benefit from detailed highlight shows for each round.

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