“Former CHS Graduate Aiming to Transform a Mission into a Profitable Venture”

Two Cheshire High School alumni, Nicole Perugini and Nicolas Brunetti, along with their team at Fairfield University, are making strides towards the future of cybersecurity. They recently attended the Fairfield University Startup Showcase, where they introduced their startup, Golden Guardian Solutions, to potential investors. The team of six, which includes Fairfield students Ian Austin, John Holt, Sarah Leonetti, and Andrew Samaro, were motivated by the negative impact of fraud on their loved ones, particularly seniors. With this in mind, they developed Golden Guardian Solutions, a web app that uses AI to prevent fraud.

The app is authenticator-driven and provides online traffic, community-based forums, and educational/geography-based resources. The team aimed to simplify the online experience for seniors and provide them with protection from those who would try to exploit them. Perugini, who majored in computer science and mathematics, and Brunetti, who aims to major in marketing, have joined forces to launch the project next summer. They have already submitted an application to incorporate the business as an LLC.

During the showcase, the team won 3rd place in the overall competition and 1st place in the People’s Choice category. Despite winning $6,000, Perugini and Brunetti are seeking additional funding to hire more people and expand their business. They believe their software can fill a niche in the cybersecurity market as fraud continues to be a significant issue. In 2022, internet fraud targeting people 60 and older resulted in $3.1 billion in losses.

Neither student anticipated starting a business together while still in college. Still, they were both excited about building something together, especially since they had worked together before returning to CHS. The two have used their skills to strengthen the core of their fledgling business. “I just want to say that I am very excited to continue moving forward and am very excited to see how people respond to it. I would love to try it out and can’t wait to see how much impact we can have on people,” said Perugini.

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