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Former members of Hurt Business and Hit Row join forces to form a new tag team in WWE.


Feb 10, 2024

Cedric Alexander and Ashante “Thee” Adonis have both found themselves adrift since their former factions broke up in 2022. Alexander has been without a stable since The Hurt Business disbanded, and Adonis has been in a similar position after Hit Row 2.0 ended last fall.

Their former teammates who are still with WWE have formed a new unit with Street Profits, leaving Adonis and Alexander to work a dark match as a team in December. After positive results, they were formally introduced in a “digital exclusive” video released after the Feb. 9 SmackDown.

In the video, they showed good chemistry and portrayed an “odd couple” dynamic. While their rollout starting online instead of on television is not a great sign, it is WrestleMania season and TV time is at a premium. If they can garner attention on YouTube and social media, they may eventually secure minutes on Raw and SmackDown.

The new tag team’s debut is promising, and any opportunity to see Cedric Alexander back in action is a welcome development. The question remains: what are your thoughts on this new tag team, Cagesiders?

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