Fort Worth’s Las Vegas Trail District Welcomes the Opening of a Health Clinic – NBC 5 Dallas Fort Worth

A new neighborhood clinic is set to open in the Las Vegas Trail area in Fort Worth. The clinic is a partnership between the Cook Children’s Health Care System and the JPS Health Network and is expected to offer a variety of services beyond traditional sick and wellness visits for both children and adults. Additionally, the clinic will provide access to behavioral health and social services, as well as on-site job training for food pantries, community education, and the healthcare industry. Fort Worth City Councilman Michael D. Crane, who represents the area, has called it a “regional game changer.”

The Las Vegas Trail area is currently recognized as a medical desert, meaning that there is a lack of access to basic medical services and doctors. Veronica Tory, from Cook Children’s, has noted that the area is also a desert for many other necessities, including nutritious food, financial security, and housing. With over 20,000 children living in the area, the clinic is expected to help mitigate some of these issues and provide much-needed medical care.

Construction on the two-story, 40,000-square-foot building is set to begin this year and should be completed by the end of 2025. According to Cook Children, the area is expected to grow by 7% by 2025, further highlighting the need for accessible healthcare in the area. Currently, residents of the Las Vegas Trail area often end up in emergency rooms due to a lack of transportation and access to care.

City leaders and healthcare providers believe that the clinic has the potential to transform lives and communities in the area. Tory noted that “one positive event leads to another positive event, so there’s probably an unpredictable impact here today, but it’s possible.” With access to a variety of medical and social services, the clinic could help improve both physical and economic conditions in the area.

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