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France in Uproar as Macron Faces Boos at World Cup Opening


Sep 9, 2023

Macron had to pause before delivering his speech on the pitch as he was met with a chorus of boos, whistles, and jeers from the spectators at the Stade de France. This reaction was not limited to the stadium, as the president was also greeted with similar hostility at fan zones in Paris and Marseille. Manuel Bompard of the France Unbowed party commented, “King Macron has been booed by the French people! We are never going to leave him in peace!”

One of the reasons for Macron’s waning popularity can be traced back to his implementation of a controversial pension reform, which sparked widespread protests and opposition from the public. Bastien Lachaud, a LFI deputy, stated, “The people have not forgotten the insults and the pension reform. He had the welcome he deserved.” Furthermore, National Rally MP Stephanie Galzy viewed the booing as a powerful symbol.

Macron’s popularity took a hit this year, with a decrease of around 10 points between December and April. Currently, his approval rating stands at 31 percent, slightly above its lowest point of 29 percent in the spring, according to Ifop/Fiducial polls.

Even though the opening ceremony preceding the match received praise, showcasing the “French art of living” led by actor Jean Dujardin, Macron’s supporters were not impressed. Mathieu Lefevre, an MP, expressed his disappointment, stating, “A stadium shouldn’t do that! To boo the president of the republic is to boo France.” Senator Joelle Garriaud-Maylam, from the right-wing opposition party Republicans, condemned the booing, emphasizing its negative impact on the country’s image. She said, “We may not like Emmanuel Macron but at least we respect his function! What a sad image for our country.”

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