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Free Eclipse Viewing Party at Phoenix’s Science Center


Mar 26, 2024

North America will experience a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8. Arizona Science Center in Phoenix is planning a free viewing party for this phenomenon. The eclipse is when the sun and moon cross paths and cast darkness onto the Earth. Phoenix residents will have the opportunity to see 64% coverage between 10:08 a.m. and 12:35 p.m., with the maximum coverage occurring at 11:20 a.m.

The Science Center, located downtown at 600 E. Washington St., will host a viewing party starting at 9 a.m. on the day of the eclipse. Staff will be present throughout the day to offer solar-based activities and education, provide telescopes for viewing the sky, and engage in activities to teach attendees about this rare astronomical event within our solar system.

It is important for anyone planning to watch the solar eclipse to wear solar eclipse glasses, as this will protect their eyes from potential sun damage. Some areas of Arizona and the Southwest, including Texas, will experience a total solar eclipse. Additionally, NASA will be launching three rockets during the eclipse to study the effects on the Earth’s atmosphere.

For more information, visit the Arizona Science Center’s website at https://www.azscience.org/.

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