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French President Marries Brigitte Macron After 10-Year Wait, Despite Age Difference from Her Children


Nov 20, 2023

Brigitte Macron waited a decade to marry the French President, Emmanuel Macron, because she did not want to disrupt the lives of her children who were around the same age as him. She opened up about her relationship in a rare interview with news magazine Paris Match, according to The Times.

The French first lady, now 70 years old, shared the challenges she faced due to the age difference between her and her husband, who is 45. The couple first began dating when she was 40 and he was just 15, as she had been his drama teacher. She also shared that her daughter was even a classmate of his, and his parents sent him to Paris when their relationship became known.

Despite the obstacles they faced, including the disapproval of her parents and navigating her divorce from her ex-husband, Brigitte and Emmanuel married in 2007. She expressed the desire to wait until her children were settled before moving forward with her own life.

She and her former husband share three children, who are now 48, 46, and 39 years old. After ten years of waiting, the couple married in 2007, a decade before Emmanuel became the President of France in 2017.

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