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From a Pickleball Pastime to Profit: How Darden is Assisting Their Business Growth


Apr 2, 2024

Pickleball is revolutionizing the way people engage in physical activity, according to Collins. He has observed a significant demand from brides who are incorporating pickleball events into their wedding festivities as well as companies motivating their employees to stay active by providing them with personalized paddles. This trend is transforming the perception of sports and exercise for many individuals.

Jamison chose to attend Darden because she believed it offered the best resources to support her in launching a business. After achieving this goal, she and Collins continue to utilize Darden’s resources to further develop their business. Jamison highlights the exceptional curriculum at Darden, emphasizing how much she has learned, as well as the extensive network of knowledgeable and supportive individuals within the community.

They credit their success to their mentors at Darden, particularly entrepreneurship professor Jim Zuffoletti. Collins expresses gratitude for Zuffoletti’s continuous support and guidance on various business aspects, from fundraising to sales inquiries. The mentorship they receive from individuals like Zuffoletti has been invaluable in shaping their entrepreneurial journey.

Looking ahead, they anticipate receiving more guidance at the upcoming Venture Capital Conference, where Darden alumni will be present as panelists. Jamison stresses the importance of connections in the venture capital industry, emphasizing that shared experiences at Darden create strong bonds among alumni. These connections play a crucial role in securing placements for aspiring venture capitalists and successful fundraising for founders seeking venture capital investments.ĺ…±This network-driven approach is seen as vital in advancing careers in venture capital and ensuring the success of founders looking to secure funding.

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