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From Pandemic Idea to Thriving Business: How One Concept Flourished into Success


Feb 13, 2024

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — It is something many parents are dealing with daily, kids and their screen time. One couple out of Atlanta, during the pandemic, turned an idea into a business that aims to get kids outside. It is called Firefly Forts and it is now, expanding to Nashville.

“I think it was a moment of realization that screens had definitely been a big part of the kids’ lives and I want to get them back outside to kind of how I grew up,” Mike Scaglione said. When he first built the fort, he and his wife Kristin had no intention of this being a business. Now they have a franchises in Miami and Nashville.

“This new expansion comes at a time where Mike is facing a Stage 4 Lung Cancer diagnosis. The company that creates memories for families, ended up creating connections with the families themselves. Not only with supporting him during this time, but one of their customers ended up being Mike’s Neurosurgeon. No matter where this journey takes them, the Scagliones are creating a legacy of helping families create fun and memorable moments. “It’s a blessing that we found someone that believes in our brand and what we’re doing that can run it up there, so we can kind of take a step back and focus on his health and our family right now,” Kristin Scaglione said.

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