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Garden Care: Embracing Innovation and Sustainability


Feb 13, 2024

STIGA has introduced a new range of autonomous robotic lawnmowers, along with over 37 patents, promising a completely transformed lawn care experience. This marks a significant step towards the future of autonomous gardening.

The new series of STIGA robotic lawnmowers represents an evolution in efficiency and design, as well as a qualitative leap in cutting performance and customization. These advancements are the result of a team of engineers and innovation specialists who have developed cutting-edge technologies, registering 37 patents, including 20 for navigation, 8 for connectivity, and 9 for design and mechanical solutions.

One of the most revolutionary aspects of this new range is the use of the RTK GPS system combined with the Active Guidance System (AGS) patented by STIGA. This ensures unprecedented navigation precision, eliminates cutting interruptions, and optimizes work paths. The robots offer complete and intuitive control through the Cloud connection and the STIGA.GO application, allowing users to customize every aspect of their lawn care.

Innovations in STIGA robots include a customizable cutting angle, the ability to temporarily exclude areas from cutting, obstacle notification, and specific cutting modes for closed areas, guaranteeing a tailor-made and latest generation gardening experience. The range has also expanded to adapt to gardens of all sizes, from small domestic lawns to large green areas, thanks to models ranging from A500 to A10000, all designed to ensure effective, accurate, and environmentally friendly maintenance. This is supported by the use of STIGA’s ePower batteries, offering optimal performance with a reduced environmental impact.

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