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Gaza dentist forced to treat patients in tent after clinic in Israel destroyed


Apr 3, 2024

After the Israeli bombing destroyed his clinic in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian dentist Najdat Saqr was determined to continue treating patients. Despite the damage, he retrieved equipment from under the rubble and set up a tent to resume his practice. Saqr has now opened a temporary clinic in a tent in the Nuseirat refugee camp to provide care for those in need.

Saqr described the challenges he faced after the attacks, including the lack of electricity and water at the clinic. Undeterred, he salvaged equipment and materials from the damaged center and transported them to his makeshift clinic by tuk-tuk. Endodontic treatment, which makes up most of his work, remains a priority for Saqr, although he is running low on anesthesia.

Proudly displayed on the tent poles are Saqr’s vocational qualification certificates, which he managed to salvage from the rubble of his clinic. Despite the difficult circumstances, he is determined to continue providing quality care to his patients. Saqr emphasized the importance of his qualifications in maintaining the standards of his practice.

In the midst of adversity, Saqr’s dedication to his profession and his patients is unwavering. Despite the challenges he faces, he remains committed to serving the community and providing vital dental care to those in need. Through resilience and resourcefulness, Saqr has overcome obstacles to ensure that his clinic continues to offer essential services to the people of Gaza.

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