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Georgia Business Grants: Driving Growth in Tourism, Agriculture, and Promising Futures


Feb 13, 2024

Luso wants to make it easy and comfortable for you to visit Samshvilde village and meet her. She has created Orbis Bude, which means “Vulture’s Nest,” as a tourist information and services hub and a youth community center. The name was easy to come up with, as there are many vultures in the canyon where it is located. However, the finances were difficult. Starting a business and handling money is a big responsibility that Luso had to learn through the process of getting loans, registering the business, and managing the accounting.

She built Orbis Bude from scratch, using grants and hard physical labor to create the center. She even used a grant from the CDI-7 project to purchase the furniture for the center. Luso’s dedication and hard work reflects her commitment to making the center a welcoming and comfortable place for visitors and the local community.

Luka Avchaleli, another entrepreneur, used his grant to invest in irrigation equipment for his farm-equipment business. Most of the economic grants from the project have gone to businesses in the agriculture sector. Since the project’s start, 73 entrepreneurs have been funded in various business areas. Although they receive grants, they are required to contribute at least 30 percent of the total project cost in cash.

These “economic” grants have been valuable for entrepreneurs like Luso and Luka, as they seek to grow and improve their businesses to support the local community and contribute to the region’s economic development.

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