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German Vice Chancellor concedes: ‘We avoided learning about Putin’s actions’


Mar 26, 2024

During a global conversation with Euronews, German Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Climate, Robert Habeck, emphasized the need for Europe to increase defense spending. Habeck warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to European democracy require a response. Despite his preference for allocating funds to education, research, and climate protection, Habeck acknowledged the necessity of boosting military spending. He stressed the importance of not relying solely on the United States for security.

Germany, as Europe’s strongest economy, has felt the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine due to its heavy energy dependence. Habeck, a Green politician, faces challenges balancing economic policies with climate initiatives, which have sparked both support and opposition in Germany. Recent protests in Berlin, such as the ‘Fridays For Future,’ ‘Last Generation,’ and farmer demonstrations, underscore the polarizing nature of climate policies.

Support for the current ‘traffic light coalition’ government in Germany has waned, with a rise in popularity for the far-right party AfD. Habeck also addressed preparations for the upcoming European elections, strategies for combating climate change in Europe, and plans for economic recovery following high inflation. The full conversation with Robert Habeck will be released on Euronews on Tuesday, March 26 at 21:45.

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