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Germany’s Unexpected Role as Israel’s Strong Ally


Nov 20, 2023

Germany and the German Bundestag made a firm decision on October 12 to stand by Israel, emphasizing their commitment to the release of all abductees. Barbel Bass, President of the German Bundestag, expressed this sentiment, stating that they will stand by Israel no matter how long it takes.

At the end of October, the United Nations voted in favor of a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, with a majority of 120 countries supporting the motion. However, they did not condemn the actions of Hamas. Germany abstained from voting on the ceasefire, which led to disappointment from Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Ron Proschauer.

In addition to the political support, major football clubs in Germany, such as Bayern Munich and Dortmund, showed their support for Israel by hosting families of abductees. The German media, unlike the British BBC, is generally fair, and the newspaper “Bild” projected the pictures of the abductees on its main building.

As a result of these actions, Germany is seen as one of the few countries in Europe that stands by Israel in a clear and unwavering way. The country’s commitment to monitoring funds and ensuring that German funds do not go to Hamas or terrorist organizations has also been noted.

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