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Get Chef Robert Irvine’s High-Protein Shake Recipe with Just 5 Ingredients


Feb 12, 2024

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is a fitness enthusiast who always travels with supplies to make protein shakes. Among his favorite recipes is a peanut butter, banana, and almond blend that he enjoys after workouts. The shake contains 5 ingredients and packs 44 grams of protein, along with healthy fats and carbs for energy.

When packing for a trip, Chef Robert Irvine always ensures to bring personal food prep tools. He travels 345 days of the year, whether it’s for filming a hit Food Network show or participating in a 54-mile hike for military charities. Irvine, a 58-year-old Royal Navy vet, eats every two and a half hours to maintain his muscles and metabolism.

In order to fuel daily workouts while traveling, Irvine carries protein powder and a blender with him at all times. His brand sells a portable personal blender that allows users to make shakes directly in a drinking bottle. One of his favorite recipes is a high-protein shake with banana and peanut butter, which consists of peanut butter protein powder, peanut butter, slivered almonds, banana, and low-fat milk.

The shake contains 44 grams of protein and over 400 calories, providing a balance of carbs for energy, protein for muscle building, and fats to help you feel full. Irvine recommends it as a post-workout meal on a busy schedule, as it is a convenient and effective way to recharge after exercising.

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