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Get creative in Zagreb by making Christmas decorations and greeting cards from candy wrappers and donating them


Nov 21, 2023

The holiday season is approaching, and it is a time for giving and coming together. The special holiday edition of Kraševih smyčka highlights the value of time and attention, which are the most precious gifts we can give to someone. The new Kraša holiday range was created by a group of talented individuals with diverse skills and perspectives, resulting in special packages that bring Christmas motifs for cutting out and making into decorations.

This special synergistic project is a collaboration between well-known brands and Sonda’s Creative Center, aiming to create market relevant products. This is the second edition of the program, and it has shown the endless power of creativity. More editions of this program are expected in the future, as creativity knows no limits.

As part of the uKRAŠI holiday line, there are special editions of popular products in special packaging, a result of the Sonda Design By People project. Kraš is also preparing numerous other activities for the holidays and is proud to cooperate with the humanitarian association Ljude za ljude, providing special gift packages and donations to those in need.

Kraš will also donate funds to the humanitarian association People for People for the function of vehicles used to visit people in the field. This collaboration aims to brighten up the holidays for those who need it the most, providing not only material gifts but also the important human gesture of time and warm words.

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