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Global adaptation to Federal Reserve’s 36-hour interest rate mandate


Sep 17, 2023

Rebelling against US pressure to maintain high interest rates, monetary policy will be decided at key meetings of half of the G20 countries. Central banks in developed countries are helping global policymakers echo the theme of high interest rates set out by US officials at Jackson Hole in August. However, there are concerns that inflation is far from complete and rising oil prices may exert further pressure. Central banks in Britain and other countries face the prospect of a financial crisis, so they are unlikely to declare their job done. The upcoming forecasts from the OECD will set the tone for monetary policy decisions. Weak demand from China and a potential stagflation scenario in Europe contrast with the apparent resilience of the US economy. The Federal Reserve may choose to maintain or even increase interest rates. The week ahead will also see key releases in the US and Canada, as well as important meetings in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In Latin America, Brazil’s central bank is expected to temporarily lower policy rates, while Mexico’s mid-month inflation report is expected to show cooling in prices. Chile’s central bank has cut the key policy rate and will release minutes from their meeting. Furthermore, GDP data and interest rate decisions in various countries will shape the global economy.

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