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Global Effort to Suppress Women’s Organizations


Nov 20, 2023

Last week, the international media finally started shedding light on the violent crimes committed against women. Head of the civil committee for investigating crimes against women, Dr. Kochav Elkayam Levy, spoke out in an interview with CNN, stating that it takes time for these crimes to be exposed and most women who are victims of sexual assault are also murdered. The fact that the authorities in Israel have only recently opened an investigation into these crimes is appalling.

Volunteer Sherry, from the military rabbinate, shared in an interview with CNN that some women arrived wearing only underwear, emphasizing the difficulty in witnessing such scenes. Israeli police have been collecting evidence and testimonies of the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli women.

An Israeli official, Sen. Dodi Katz, spoke to foreign reporters about the solid information they have collected about the crimes. However, Danish journalist Yotam Confino explained the challenges in reporting on these crimes, as many refuse to believe that they really happened.

The director of the Sexual Assault Center at the University of Alberta in northern Canada initially signed a pro-Palestinian letter of support claiming there was no verification that Hamas terrorists raped women during the October 7 surprise attack. After public outrage, the president of the university announced her dismissal, recognizing the historical and ongoing damages of anti-Semitism.

The rest of the content provided seems unrelated to the discussion about the crimes committed against women and the international coverage of the matter.

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