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Golfer Joost Luiten loses three clubs in a tree during DP World Tour


Nov 20, 2023

At the DP World Tour Championships in Dubai, Dutch professional golfer Joost Luiten managed to achieve a rare feat – losing three of his clubs up a tree. The incident occurred while Luiten was frustrated after making a bogey and threw his driver at a tree, where it became stuck. In an attempt to retrieve the driver, he threw another club, only to have it caught by the thick branches and leaves as well. As a tournament official tried to dislodge the clubs by throwing sticks at them, Luiten continued his rescue efforts by launching a third club at the tree, only to end up losing a third club in the process.

Luiten attempted various methods to retrieve the lodged clubs, including jumping and hitting the tree with a standard bearer’s sign, but eventually had to give up. He ended up playing the rest of the hole with 11 clubs before a volunteer managed to rescue the stuck clubs. Despite the incident, Luiten finished the championship with a score of three-over-par, placing third from the bottom. The tournament was ultimately won by Nicolai Hojgaard, and Luiten humorously remarked, “That sums up my week nicely.”

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