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Google is testing its AI search tool with select users in the US


Mar 26, 2024

Google has officially started automatically enabling the Generative Search Experience (SGE) for some users in the United States. The SGE was introduced by the tech giant during Google I/O last year as an experimental and optional feature that incorporates generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) into search results. With this tool, Google offers general descriptions and additional links at the top of search results to provide multiple perspectives on user queries.

Initially launched in the United States in English, the SGE has since been expanded to other countries, including Japan, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, and South Africa. Support for additional languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian was also added. Starting in November 2023, AI-generated summaries began appearing in top Google Search results for users in the United States, even if they had not activated the SGE feature manually.

A subset of queries in a small percentage of search traffic in the U.S. are now seeing AI-generated summaries integrated into their search results. Google aims to provide users with useful information and multiple perspectives on complex queries or questions that may benefit from information from diverse web sources. The company’s spokesperson stated that the AI summaries would be displayed when the information provided was deemed helpful and offered users a better answer than what the standard Search results could provide without the SGE option activated.

By implementing the SGE automatically for some users, Google hopes to gather feedback and evaluate its usefulness. The company aims to continually improve the search experience for users and enhance the information provided in search results.

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