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Government Grant will Aid Light Science Technologies in Advancing Crucial Food Production Research


Mar 27, 2024

Light Science Technologies Holdings PLC, based in London, has recently received a grant of £188,251 from The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Innovate UK. This funding, part of a larger collaboration totaling £299,748, is aimed at transforming food production through the development of sensors for monitoring soil conditions. These sensors will complement the company’s existing air zone sensors and are intended to enhance crop yields and increase agricultural efficiency by optimizing fertilizer and energy usage.

The project, led by Light Science Technologies in partnership with Bridge Farms and Zenith Nurseries, aligns with the company’s broader goal of enabling continuous crop growth in controlled environments like glasshouses and vertical farms. CEO Simon Deacon emphasized the potential of the smart agriculture market, noting a projected global value of $55 billion by 2032 with a 12% growth rate.

As a company with a global distribution network, Light Science Technologies expects to integrate the new sensor technology into its SensorGrow product range for commercial sale following a 12-month trial period. This advancement in sensor technology represents a significant step forward in the company’s mission to improve agricultural practices and food production efficiency.

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