• Tue. May 28th, 2024

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa approves Mental Health Reform Legislation


May 15, 2024

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is in Cedar Rapids to sign a law that will revamp the state’s mental health system to include substance abuse services and consolidate the mental health regions from 32 to 7 districts. She will be speaking at the Iowa Utility Association’s DEV24 conference at the Double Tree Hotel and Convention Center.

Following the conference, Governor Reynolds is expected to sign off on a bill that will overhaul the state’s mental health system. In addition to this bill, she will also sign off on two more bills on Wednesday afternoon. One bill will prohibit misleading food labels on certain food products, while the other bill is aimed at protecting producers by reinstating the livestock capital gains deduction.

This legislation marks an important step in improving mental health services in Iowa and ensuring that producers in the state are protected. Governor Reynolds’ visit to Cedar Rapids highlights the importance of these issues and the ongoing efforts to address them effectively.


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