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Governor Newsom shifts attention towards building a sustainable future in California to achieve global climate leadership


Sep 19, 2023

California is actively working towards its world-leading climate goals, which include achieving net-zero carbon emissions and 100% clean electricity by 2045. Governor Gavin Newsom has been emphasizing the importance of constructing critical infrastructure and housing to meet these goals. He is committed to building more and faster, supporting climate-smart projects that align with the state’s objectives. The Governor’s focus on construction as a solution to the climate crisis is a crucial step in achieving ambitious climate goals.

Governor Newsom has taken several actions to advance California’s architecture and infrastructure. He has accelerated critical infrastructure projects, signing a series of bills to ensure the improvement of the power grid, safe drinking water, the state’s water supply, and the modernization of the transportation system. Through these initiatives, Governor Newsom aims to leverage $180 billion in state, local, and federal infrastructure funds over the next decade. The goal is to support California’s climate change and clean energy objectives, while also creating well-paying job opportunities.

In addition to infrastructure, California is focusing on building a clean energy future. Governor Newsom introduced the “Building the Grid of the Future: California’s Clean Energy Transition Plan” to help the state maintain affordable energy costs and achieve its 100% clean energy goal by 2045. The plan outlines the implementation of numerous clean energy projects, including solar, wind, and battery storage, to support the state’s clean power objectives.

Housing near jobs and transportation is another priority for Governor Newsom. He recently announced $757 million in funding to advance the construction of affordable housing in job-rich, walkable neighborhoods. This investment builds upon previous efforts, which have resulted in the construction of 17,000 affordable housing units and numerous transportation projects. The new funding will contribute to the development of over 2,500 affordable housing units, 150 zero-emission buses, and more than 50 miles of bike paths and sidewalk improvements. These initiatives aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 800,000 tons, equivalent to taking 178,000 gasoline-powered cars off California roads for a year.

While focusing on construction and infrastructure, California is also committed to protecting its valuable land and water resources. The state has added nearly 1,000 square miles of protected land since April 2022, reaching 24.4% of its land conserved by May. These efforts contribute to California’s ambitious goal of protecting 30% of its land and coastal waters by 2030. The state has implemented the 30×30 Strategy, which involves restoring wildlife connectivity, improving infrastructure, and investing in critical habitat.

By prioritizing construction, clean energy, affordable housing, and environmental protection, California is actively working towards its world-leading climate goals. Governor Newsom’s actions demonstrate a commitment to creating a sustainable future for the state and leading the way in combating climate change.

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