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Graze Craze, a Family-Owned Charcuterie Business, Plans to Make a Lasting Impact


Sep 6, 2023

The Bedore family, who currently owns two Graze Craze locations in North Texas, is determined to make charcuterie a family tradition. Donnie and Celeena Bedore, already small business owners, decided to invest in another business they believed in and knew would stand out. After trying the Graze Craze concept in Key West, Fla., they became franchisees and now operate two locations in Plano and Fort Worth. Graze Craze Charcuterie Boards & Boxes, a national company with seven locations in Texas and three more on the way, was founded in 2018 in Oklahoma by Kerry Sylvester, who recognized the rising trend of charcuterie. Currently owned by franchisor Starpoint Brands, Graze Craze has franchisees all over the USA.

In their first location in Fort Worth, the Bedores have their future daughter-in-law, Callie, managing the store. They also recently purchased the Plano location from the previous owner and brought in more family members to manage it. Mackenzie “Kenzie” Bedore, the niece of Donnie and Celeena, is the manager at the Plano Graze Craze location and she loves that the business has become a family affair. While working with family can be strange at times, the support and desire for success is unmatched.

Graze Craze offers a variety of charcuterie boards and sizes, catering to different dietary preferences such as keto, vegetarian, sweet-tooth, gluten-free, and pork-free options. Their prices range from the small “Char-Cutie-Cups” at $8 to the extravagant Large Board at $165. Each board is carefully crafted by the employees, called “Grazologists,” and includes a bag of homemade dips. The Bedores add a personal touch to each board by topping it with a special hand-written note, sometimes having to write hundreds of notes a day. The friendly atmosphere and close-knit team, mostly consisting of blood relatives, sets the Bedore-owned stores apart from other Graze Craze locations.

As an independently owned and operated business, the Bedores prioritize maintaining the high standards of Graze Craze while ensuring excellent customer service. They value sharing the story of a family-owned and operated business, which adds to the overall experience for customers. The decision to invest in Graze Craze was a significant one, and the Bedores continue to put in their hard work to secure a prosperous future and leave a lasting legacy for their children.

Alongside the food, Graze Craze has established its name in the D-FW area through partnerships with Total Wine, charcuterie board-making classes, and an active social media presence. As the popularity of charcuterie grows, the Bedore-owned Graze Craze locations hope to expand their business. They are currently exploring potential locations in Flower Mound and Mansfield with a long-term goal of having eight or nine locations in the area.

Giving back to the community is also an important aspect for the Bedores. Kenzie plans to cater the SafeHaven of Tarrant County’s Purple Party and hopes to partner with Make-A-Wish to create a special board. The Bedores aim to leave a legacy that extends beyond just tasty food. They want to be known as great people to work with and give back to the community in any way they can.

The Bedore-owned Graze Craze Charcuterie Boards & Boxes can be found in Plano at 1101 Ohio Drive, Suite 116, and in Southwest Fort Worth at 4750 Bryant Irvin Road, #808. Customers can order ahead online for pickup or delivery, or simply walk into the store.

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