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Great Health is the Foundation for an Amazing Life


Sep 11, 2023

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Our health plays a significant role in our performance at work, in relationships, and in other important aspects of our lives. Conditions like chronic fatigue can lead to underperformance and have a negative impact. Even prior to the pandemic, poor health in the workforce was costing both employees and employers an estimated $575 billion annually. COVID-19 has only exacerbated this problem, with nearly 16% of adults experiencing lingering long-COVID symptoms. Many people face challenges in functioning at their best due to various health imbalances, often without even realizing it.

Finding the key to optimal wellness isn’t easy. It requires a comprehensive and personalized approach that considers factors such as physiology, hormone balance, stress levels, and nutrition.

Addressing all these contributors to optimal health requires a team of expert clinicians focused on individualized wellbeing. Luckily, that’s exactly what the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health – Jefferson Health’s Executive Great Life program offers. This program provides a full-day assessment of the mind and body, going beyond the typical healthcare setting. Patients receive comprehensive lab work, including hormone profiles, lipid assessment, metabolic testing, and Vitamin D levels. They also undergo cardiovascular testing, stress tests, and have the option of a total body MRI screen. Consultations with leading experts are also included. And the best part? All of this is accomplished in one carefully scheduled day.

The Executive Great Life Program is designed to provide a detailed evaluation of a person’s overall health. Though many corporate members participate as a benefit for their executive teams, individuals can also take part to gain insight into their health status.

Developed by physicians and experts in integrative medicine at Jefferson Health’s Marcus Institute, the Executive Great Life Program is just one of the services offered. Using cutting-edge technology and rigorous assessments, the institute creates personalized roadmaps to health tailored to each participant’s unique biology and performance goals.

Participants of the Executive Great Life Program receive the most thorough and accurate view of their current well-being. Immediate concerns and potential risks are identified, and guidance is given to help achieve optimal health and wellness. Participants leave with a clear plan and options for dietary planning, medical follow-ups, and other wellness strategies. Throughout the program day, participants have one-on-one sessions with board-certified physicians and licensed health providers who specialize in integrative and preventive medicine. A personal health concierge is also available all day for support and assistance.

Many patients describe the overall experience as “life-changing” and unlike anything they’ve ever encountered. Participants in the Marcus Institute’s Executive Great Life Program learn evidence-based ways to take control of their health, improve performance, and enhance their quality of life.

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