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Green IT Manager position now available for hire


Mar 26, 2024

Computers have become an integral part of various professions, especially in office settings. As businesses strive to benefit from efficient information and communication systems, there is also a growing concern about reducing energy consumption. This dual objective not only has financial implications but also plays a role in reducing carbon footprint and addressing challenges related to global warming.

To address these challenges, a new profession has emerged – the green IT manager or consultant. This role is crucial in ensuring that technology deployments take sustainability into account. With the increasing use of energy-intensive technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the green IT manager plays a key role in finding solutions that minimize environmental impact.

Individuals interested in pursuing a career as a green IT manager typically have a background in IT or engineering. Engineering schools often provide training in this field, with an emphasis on understanding the environmental impact of technology deployments. The consultant’s role involves studying existing systems, proposing solutions for renewable energy sources, and advocating for sustainable practices in software and hardware development.

One example of how green IT practices are being implemented is in the field of smart building management. By using digital solutions to optimize energy consumption, professionals like smart building project managers can make a significant impact on reducing energy waste and promoting sustainability.

In terms of career prospects and salaries, green IT consultants can expect to earn between 2,600 and 3,500 euros gross per month, with opportunities for growth and advancement in the field. Companies like the Sopra Steria group are actively seeking green IT consultants to address the evolving demands of their clients and promote sustainable IT practices.

Overall, green IT consultants play a critical role in helping businesses leverage technology while minimizing their environmental impact. By combining technical expertise with a focus on sustainability, these professionals contribute to a more eco-friendly future for the planet.

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