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Greg Sankey responds to Brett Yormark’s comment regarding Texas


Sep 10, 2023

Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark caused a stir last month with his comment to Texas Tech, urging them to “take care of business” against Texas in their final game as a member of the conference. This remark quickly spread on social media as the University of Texas prepares to join the SEC.

Following Yormark’s comment, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey addressed the situation. Sankey revealed that he had spoken to both schools involved and emphasized the importance of treating the departing members with respect. He expressed that Texas and Oklahoma, alongside himself, expect the same respect to be shown towards them.

Yormark made his remarks during a speech to the Texas Tech fan club, where Red Raiders coach Joey McGuire was also present. Yormark confirmed his plans to attend the game in Austin, Texas, and encouraged McGuire to continue the strong performance shown by Texas Tech in the past. He acknowledged that getting Texas and Oklahoma to leave early was significant for the conference and its fans.

Over a week later, Yormark clarified his comments during a press conference about a matchup between Colorado and TCU. He explained that his remarks were made in a lighthearted manner, considering he was speaking to a Texas Tech audience. Yormark emphasized that he was simply trying to generate excitement about the upcoming football season and believed that college football should be enjoyable for everyone involved.

Yormark highlighted the fact that Texas and Oklahoma’s move to the SEC is happening earlier than originally planned. He viewed this as a positive development, as it aligns with other realignment moves and the expansion of the College Football Playoff.

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