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Gretchen Whitmer officially approves the Reproductive Health Act as a law


Nov 22, 2023

Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a package of bills on Tuesday, collectively known as the Reproductive Health Act, aimed at protecting abortion rights in Michigan. These bills repealed existing laws that placed restrictions on abortion care and ensured access to various types of reproductive care. Specifically, Michigan’s TRAP laws, which set specific regulations for abortion providers, were repealed, as they were found to increase costs and limit provider availability, particularly in Western and Northern Michigan.

In addition, a 1931 law that criminalized healthcare providers for prescribing abortion medication was also repealed, as medication is the most common method for performing abortions. The legislation also required that students at Michigan universities receive “accurate information” regarding reproductive healthcare.

Another important aspect of the package was the repeal of a law that forced abortion patients to purchase separate insurance riders for abortion. Governor Whitmer pointed out that this law effectively forced individuals to pay more out of pocket just in case they were assaulted. These legislative changes were in line with Proposal 3, which was supported by 56.65% of Michiganders and enshrined abortion rights in the state constitution.

Whitmer emphasized that the Reproductive Health Act would lower costs for patients and providers and protect individuals’ constitutional right to make their own decisions about their bodies. The Governor denounced the politically motivated and medically unnecessary restrictions on abortion that had been in place for decades in Michigan, highlighting that they imposed unnecessary regulations on health centers and forced many to close. The RHA was seen as a significant step forward in expanding access to healthcare and protecting personal freedoms.

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