Grings urges Switzerland to have a ‘strongly assertive’ performance at the World Cup.

Switzerland’s women’s soccer team coached by Inka Grings, who played for her country in the World Cup twice before, will participate in the games in Australia and New Zealand. Before facing Norway and co-host New Zealand, Switzerland will play against the Philippines. Grings took over as the team’s coach in January and will have two months to lead the team to success in the World Cup. Despite Switzerland’s elimination in the group stages of last year’s Women’s Euros, the team had a triumphant qualifying campaign for the World Cup with eight victories out of ten games, which secured playoff qualification.

Grings is confident the team is on the right path but admits the period leading up to the World Cup is challenging. The coach wants Switzerland to play aggressively, courageously, and with freedom, but suggests the team should make it work in their own way. Grings has played for and coached the German national team. She expressed concerns about switching roles from playing to coaching, but she handles the role well. Patak of Bangalore edited the article.

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