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GRPN: A Comprehensive Exploration of Groupon’s Business Viability


Sep 12, 2023

Groupon Inc. (NASDAQ:GRPN) is an online platform that connects consumers with various businesses. However, the company has been facing challenges such as decreasing revenue and customer engagement, raising concerns about its long-term viability. As a result, investors need to exercise caution as my Discounted Cash Flow analysis suggests that the stock is currently overvalued.

Groupon operates globally, with two main business regions: North America and International. It focuses on selling local services, physical products, and travel packages. The company aims to be the go-to platform for purchasing local services and experiences, building strong partnerships with local businesses to offer a wider range of items. Groupon is also working on improving the buying experience to encourage customer loyalty.

Groupon generates revenue by taking a portion of each sale made on its platform, which often involves services or goods from other businesses. They also earn a share of the sales when customers use digital coupons from Groupon. To save costs and align with future business goals, Groupon initiated a reorganization plan in August 2022, which includes reducing approximately 1,000 jobs worldwide. The estimated cost for this restructuring is between $20 million and $27 million.

While Groupon’s reorganization plan aligns with its business goals, investors should be cautious. Cutting jobs and the substantial cost of reorganization pose risks to the company’s operations in the short term. Additionally, the company’s focus on restructuring rather than growth, along with the associated expenses, may deter investors from buying Groupon stock at this time. Monitoring the company’s performance in the coming quarters will provide insights into the effectiveness of these changes.

Understanding Groupon’s operating metrics is crucial for making informed investment decisions. Key metrics such as Gross Billings, Revenue, EBITDA, and Active Customers offer insights into the company’s financial health. Gross Billings represents the total amount customers spend on the platform, while Revenue is the money retained after paying merchants. EBITDA is the main financial goal for Groupon, and Active Customers indicate the platform’s popularity.

Comparing the quarterly results for 2023 and 2022, Groupon experienced a decline in Gross Billings, Units Sold, and Active Customers in the first half of 2023. This decline raises concerns about the company’s financial health and future growth prospects.

Groupon aims to attract and retain local businesses as partners, as their collaboration is crucial. However, attracting and retaining these businesses becomes challenging if the platform loses its appeal. To address this, Groupon is focused on expanding its product range, improving the shopping experience, and building trustworthy customer relationships. However, given the widespread decline in key metrics, it remains uncertain whether these initiatives will be enough to reverse the downward trend.

The North American business has performed worse than the previous year in terms of revenue and sales volume. This decline in customer interest indicates potential issues with the company’s value proposition. The company also reduced its marketing spending, but this did not offset the revenue losses, leading to a decline in “contribution profit.” Furthermore, Groupon’s international operations also experienced a decrease in earnings and profits.

In conclusion, Groupon is facing significant challenges in terms of declining revenue, customer engagement, and performance metrics. While the company is taking steps to reorganize and save costs, investors should approach with caution. The impact of job cuts and the substantial reorganization expenses on the company’s financials raises concerns about its long-term viability. Monitoring Groupon’s performance in the coming quarters will provide insights into the effectiveness of its restructuring efforts and whether it can achieve a more profitable and efficient business model.

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