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Grubišić leads the celebration as Osijek’s top scorer with 15 goals


Nov 21, 2023

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The 10th round of the Premier League passed peacefully. There weren’t too many surprises, and mostly the hosts won. It is increasingly clear how the big battles for entry into the Champions League will be fought. Varaždin and Osijek opened the 10th round of League A. Osijek opened the game well and took a 5-0 lead, while Varaždin came back into the game very quickly. Osijek scored only two goals in the period between the 7th and 18th minutes, and conceded as many as 11. Varaždin goes to the break with a score of 17-14. In the second half, Matej Mišković’s team tries to break Osijek, and they succeeded in doing so in the last ten minutes. At the end, 35-29 for Varaždin. Fabijan Grubišić finally played a match in his own style. The people of Osijek were not lucky and Grubišić decided to explode against them. He scored an incredible 15 goals from 19 attempts. Zagreb rested Matej Mandić, Ivan Čupić and Patryk Walczak against Gorica. It did not affect Zagreb’s game much, and the national champion achieved another great victory. Nevertheless, Gorica showed its teeth. Zagreb led by a goal or two in the first half, and then Gorica took the lead with a series of four goals. Gorica had a 15-12 advantage in the 25th minute. By halftime, Zagreb reduced the difference to only one. In the second half, the game was much different. Zagreb raised its defense to a higher level and Gorica scored only seven goals in the 30th minute. During that time, Zagreb scored 19 and achieved a convincing victory. Luka Lovre Klarica was again the best player on the field with seven goals. Karlovac and Trogir played a solid match. It was important for the Dalmatians to get points in Karlovac because that way they would take another big step towards the Champions League. Nevertheless, the people of Trogir came to a difficult away game and in the end broke their teeth. Trogir led the first ten minutes, but Karlovac quickly took over the main role. The hosts again had problems in the end, and Trogir waited for their chance. Three minutes before the end, Trogir was down by two, but that was the closest they managed to get. Once again, Dominik Smojver was the best in the ranks of Karlovac. The hosts led the entire first half, but it was a minimal advantage. It almost sounds unbelievable that in the first half both teams scored two goals in a row only once. Moslavina forced the Sesvećans to exert themselves to the maximum and they gave them a very difficult match. Igor Vori’s team defeated Moslavina only in the last 15 minutes and got the deserved points. Patrik Hršak scored eight goals for Sesvete, and Filip Perić had 13 saves. Križevci extended their streak to six games without a win. They were looking for redemption against Poreč, and that’s how few people got lucky. KTC needed this win to keep their hopes of qualifying for the Champions League alive. In the first half, we watched an interesting match and it was 13-12 for Poreč at the break. In the second half, Poreč took control of the game and won thanks to the defense. Lucijan Krajcar scored ten goals for Poreč. Spačva was in control of the score throughout the first half and had a lead of three points at times. In the 27th minute, Metković took the lead, but Vinkovci returned the game in their favor and went to the break with a score of 17-16. Except for one tie (18:18), the advantage was always on the home side. A more noticeable one occurred between the 35th and 46th minutes, when the local handball players made a 5-1 run, and thus escaped to plus four (23-19). In that period, Spačva took a lead of seven points, and Metković eventually reduced it to an acceptable 30-27. Sandro Kolar made 13 saves in the Spačva goal, and Vlado Matanović scored eight goals. In the derby from the back, Rudar won painlessly. Rudar opened the game better, but Kaštela took the lead very quickly. They held the advantage until the end of the first half, and then Rudar turned the game around again. In the sequel, a real fight was expected, but the Miner solved everything very quickly. Kaštelani fell apart in the last ten minutes and Rudar convincingly celebrates. Vladimir Gošić had ten saves, and Tomislav Grgečić scored ten goals.

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