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Guardiola: I informed my teammates that I have no interest in watching the Euros on TV


Nov 21, 2023

The “fire” won Euro 2024, which is being played in Germany, after a lot of drama and everything that happened around the national team. As a result, full stands of Croats await the team. Josko Guardiol, who will be 22 years old at the time of the Euros, expressed happiness with the victory and qualification. He mentioned that there were both stressful and slightly less stressful situations, but the most important thing is that they qualified. Guardiol also reflected on the significance of playing in his third major competition.

Borna Sosa returned to the first team after Guardiol played the match in Riga on the left flank. The coach was dissatisfied with the Manchester City defender’s performance, so he gave Sosa another chance. Sosa assisted for the winning goal, relieving a big burden from their back as they entered the second part of the match with much more calmness. The team tried to keep possession in the second half to avoid risking anything and adjusted their positioning accordingly.

Sosa expressed expectations for a great atmosphere in Germany and mentioned the team’s motivation to pass the group. He also commented on Dalić’s criticism, viewing it as an incentive for him to do better in the future. Dominik Livaković also shared his happiness with the victory and placement at the Euro, and he mentioned the importance of one-on-one defense. He expressed his eagerness to help the team and emphasized the goal of progressing through the group step by step.

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