Haley Mason Presents the 2024 MBA Program at Columbia Business School.

The content discusses the personal and professional life of a musician and journalist. The author also talks about their experience with the Columbia Business School MBA program.

In terms of personal beliefs, the author values being real, strong, doing good, and having faith. They were born in Lithonia, GA and pursued music as a career. The author is a singer and can play two instruments.

The author attended Howard University, where they earned a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism. They worked as a news reporter and recruiting anchor for CBS46 News (WGCL-TV).

The author chose Columbia Business School due to its strong curriculum for media executives, which included entertainment courses. The access to highly coveted corporate partner recruiting opportunities and direct networking with current executives appealed to the author.

The author was impressed by the kindness and openness of CBS students and alumni, who offered support and guidance throughout the admission and onboarding process.

The author is most excited to join the Media Management Association (MMA) and Black Business Students Association (BBSA) clubs. The author aims to work as a broadcast media executive after graduation, focusing on bringing diverse talent and content to major projects.

The author recommends watching Simon Sinek’s TED talks titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and “Why Great Leaders Inspire Confidence.” They also suggest attending as many informational events as possible and meeting one-on-one with people in the community.

In addition to CBS, the author applied to and was accepted into New York University’s Stern School of Business. They encourage potential applicants to study early and hard for the GMAT, EA, or GRE and to share what they can contribute to the program and campus.

In summary, the author pursued an MBA to gain business skills and academic tools to further their media company and foster corporate partnerships. They valued the networking opportunities at CBS and its focus on media executives.

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