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Hamas cautions against Israel’s military advance in Rafah, predicting mass casualties


Feb 11, 2024

Hamas is warning that an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah could result in tens of thousands of deaths and injuries in this city located in the southern Gaza Strip. Witnesses reported bombings in and around Rafah. In the absence of a safe place to evacuate to, it would be illegal and catastrophic to displace civilians.

Official reports stated that 110 deaths were reported in the strip overnight, and that there has been intense fighting and large numbers of injuries in the area. Israeli forces have been targeting hospitals in Rafah, and have prepared a ground operation there.

Throughout recent diplomatic negotiations, Israel has since expressed plans to evacuate civilians from Rafah and to destroy Hamas in the area, an operation which has been criticized as excessive by many countries and the United Nations.

Though the war began with Islamists killing civilians and kidnapping citizens in Israel, Israel has responded by vowing to annihilate Hamas and beginning a violent campaign of bombing and ground offensives against Gaza. However, some allegations have been raised against these statements such as “excessive” responses and “ferocious attacks on October 7.”

The most recent negotiations held in November were aimed at obtaining greater access to humanitarian aid and exchanging hostages held by the Hamas group for resistance fighters held by Israel; some 132 hostages are left with 29 recorded deaths due to the situation. In addition, US forces anger and escalate ongoing tensions worldwide by fighting groups attached to this issue.

Some 17 Houthi fighters were killed in early Saturday bombings carried out by US forces in Yemen. Such fatalities took place after the funeral of deceased victims in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa.

The situation in Gaza has evoked tension in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen, where those supported by Iran have attacked in support of Hamas. This has resulted in counterattacks by Israel and the United States and its allies.

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