Harding remains optimistic about playoff chances, despite a season of highs and lows | News, Sports, Jobs

Warren G. Harding pitcher Caden Maffitt had a successful game against Austintown Fitch on April 24, despite the challenges his team has faced this season. Injuries and bad luck have plagued the Raiders, but they are hoping to turn things around and make a splash in the postseason. Coach Andrew Barnett believes in his team’s tenacity and ability to succeed.

Led by four senior class members, including Maffitt, the Raiders have a strong defense but need to improve their offense. The primary focus is scoring from a more aggressive mentality at bat. Burnett is confident in his ability to meet the Raiders’ challenge.

Earlier this month, Maffitt had an 11-strikeout no-hitter against Ashtabula Lakeside, and Burnett believes he is peaking at the right time. If the Raiders win their upcoming game against Mentors on Tuesday, they will advance to the stage finals against the university school.

Despite the challenges, Burnett is proud of his team’s resilience and determination: “They never quit. They’re bulldogs. They’re always in it.”

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