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Health Expectation: Chiefs’ Kadarius Toney to be an Inactive Player for Super Bowl 2024 Matchup Against 49ers


Feb 11, 2024

The Kansas City Chiefs do not expect to have wide receiver Kadarius Toney active for Sunday’s Super Bowl, unless something unexpected occurs, according to sources at CBS Sports. Toney is expected to be a healthy scratch for the Chiefs in Super Bowl LVIII, with sources revealing that he has not played in a game for the Chiefs since Week 15 due to various injuries and personal reasons. Toney has only 27 catches for 169 yards and one touchdown this season, and has shown difficulty in holding on to the ball.

Additionally, in Week 1, Toney had a Mahomes pass glance off his hands against the Lions that ended up getting intercepted and returned for a touchdown, leading to a loss for the Chiefs. In Week 14, Toney lined up offside on what would have been the game-winning play that involved a lateral from Travis Kelce, resulting in a 20-17 loss to Buffalo. The following week against the Patriots, Toney dropped an easy pass-and-catch from Mahomes that turned into an interception, causing dissatisfaction from Mahomes. Toney played four more plays after that interception and hasn’t played since.

Sources in Kansas City have said Toney isn’t a bad person, but trust issues have been raised. Toney is also known for the longest punt return in Super Bowl history, running 65 yards to the Philadelphia 5-yard line during last year’s Super Bowl. He was drafted 20th overall by the Giants in 2021 and was later traded to the Chiefs, having one year left on his contract, casting doubts over his future with the Chiefs.

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